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Our customer is a leading player in the mutual fund industry having one of the largest Assets Under Management (AUM) in the country. The research team of the company used to collect a lot of articles, documents and information from various market sources. This information was then passed on to the Fund Managers, Marketing Team, Management team of mutual funds for use in their analysis and decision making

The Fund Managers would request the research team for certain information. The research team would then manually search through their folders and provide the information to them. These reports helped the managers to make sound decisions for asset management in a dynamically changing market.

Timely and informed market investment decisions are the basis of the mutual industry. Speed and relevance of information flow is critical to this industry. The customer wanted to reduce the irrelevance and delay caused in the flow of information between the decision makers and the research team.

The Solution

Bluezone provided a centralized electronic repository to collect, store, search and retrieve the documents and information in a simple and efficient manner. Strong access control was implemented which prevented sensitive information from going in the wrong hands.

The research team would upload multiple documents like Annual Reports, Presentations, Market research reports, etc in the system. With each document attached, additional metadata like Company Name, Research Date, Sensex on that date, etc is captured.

The Fund Managers could now search for the documents using custom search functions to access the most relevant information almost instantaneously.

  • Research Team can upload all the information documents at one place with appropriate labelling
  • The managers can access the reports directly from the system.
  • They can search the reports by different search parameters like Company, Date, Subject, and view the Report
  • Timely and sound decisions could be taken by Fund Managers due to fast flow of information
  • There was one version of truth due to a centralized database
  • Dependence on research team to send the information to the fund managers was eliminated
  • Research Team could take backup from a single place to prevent data loss
  • Strong access control and security measures prevented information leakage